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Wooden Snowshoe

Traditional Wooden Snowshoes for SaleSnowshowing with traditional wood snowshoes has become a sport, often a passion, for those who love to stray off the beaten path and discover scenery with amazing ease. We are committed to excellence, braving new challenges and exploring new avenues of product development.

A Staff of dedicated employees currently produces one of the largest wooden product lines in the world. The quality of the traditional snowshoes, an excellent warranty, and our highly competitive prices and unmatched customer service have placed us at the forefront of the Traditional Snowshoe industry in Canada, the United States and Europe.


Wooden SnowshoesWhen looking around at other places to buy, please keep these things in mind:

Our snowshoes are full grained leather – heavy duty, top of the line wooden snowshoes! Heavy Duty Laced and RUGGED!

Our shoes are NOT split grain leather, or wider spaced lacing. (Less expensive = less durable)

Also, all of our prices includes shipping and a pair of bindings/harnesses!

OPEN Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST

  • Our Frames: strength and flexibility make white ash the best type of wood for snowshoes frames.
  • Leather Strips : At Due North our snowshoes are woven with extra-strength whole leather strips which are ten times stronger than snowshoes webbing made from split leather. Beware of buying from companies using less expensive split-grain leather. Click here to find out more!
  • Maintenance : These snowshoes come fully finished after a season or two you can coat wooden snowshoes (wood and webbing) with spar/marine varnish as required. They will last for generations.

Our Traditional Wooden Snowshoe Models

Traditional Wooden Snowshoes

Traditional Sport/Huron

Ideal for family trekking along trails or in wide open spaces. Heavy Duty, full-grain rawhide lacing.

Traditional Wooden Snowshoes

Elongated Bear Paw

Perfect for the beginner and for all round use these snowshoes are the easiest to walk in. White ash frame. Full-grain rawhide lacing.

Traditional Wooden Snowshoes

Bear Paw

Made for walking in the thick brush these short and wide snowshoes are mainly for trappers and bush work.

Traditional Wooden Snowshoes


Generally used for field and open plains the tip is designed to penetrate underbrush for a smoother walk.

Traditional Wooden Snowshoes

U.S. - Alaskan

For heavier weights and deep snow this is the favourite for breaking trail and moving loads.



With a superior weight vs. flotation ratio, this model is perfect for deep snow and backcountry explorations. As winter warms, the snow gets wetter; wet snow won’t stick to this wooden frame. Additionally, the suspended free rotation pivot helps facilitate maximum flotation to keep your steps light. 14 oversized crampons are attached to the decking, along with six tempered steel tips and a front traction bar. Combined, these ensure a great grip on ice. Easy to use binding gives a full stride with comfort.