Traditional Ojibwe Wooden Snowshoes


A pointed nose and two tight-fit cross-bar tenons complete this narrow model.

Extra length provides maximum flotation and makes exploration on flat and open lands easy; the form is similar to skiing.

Pointed tips helps break paths in grass and underbrush. First constructed in Northern Canada, the smaller trees led to the development of the two-piece snow shoe.

Heavy duty lacing completes the model, perfect for springy weather and wet snow.


11 x 48 inches
4.6 pounds

Suggested Weight
(Packed to Powdered Snow)
100-200 lbs

$263.00 US or CDN

Shipping and Standard Bindings Included!


12 x 60 inches
5.75 pounds

Suggested Weight
(Powdered to Packed Snow)
125-250 lbs

$275.00 US or CDN – 1 PAIR LEFT!!

Shipping and Standard Bindings Included!

Standard Bindings (Included with your snowshoes) – Heavy Duty Bindings Upgrade ($30)Telescopic Pole Upgrade ($39)

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