Poles for Snowshoeing

Why should you use poles when snowshoeing? Poles are great to help create a rhythm to walk to, while supporting the upper body and stride. This provides your upper body a workout as well by incorporating movement. They’re also useful on challenging trails and terrain. If you find your feet and joints aching, like your knees and ankles, poles can help reduce stress.

It’s important to get the right fit when using poles. Our poles are adjustable for easy packing and adjustments during use.

When adjusting, start with the pole upside down, so that your hand is underneath the basket. Move the sections to fit so that the handle touches the ground when your elbow is at 90 degrees.

When climbing up inclines, shorten your poles to facilitate better balance and support. During descent, the poles should be lengthened. These adjustments help support you for your immediate steps ahead.

When walking across a hill, the downhill pole should be longer. If you can’t stop to adjust, hold on to the uphill pole on the shaft instead of towards the top.


Our Snowshoe Poles

  • Three-part; adjustable from 65 – 135 cm, (25 – 53″)
  • 6000 series aluminium
  • Carbon steel tip
  • Extra large 100 mm winter baskets
  • On/off anti-shock system

$39.00 with a snowshoe purchase