Traditional Bear Paw Wood Snowshoes


Built with two tightly-fitted cross bar tenons, this model is a shorter, wider model than most. The lack of tail helps make backwards movement a breeze and maneuverability easy.

Created for thick underbrush and denser forest environments, the Bear Paw is versatile and rugged for wet snow conditions.

With the short nose, the Bear Paw is great for outdoor workers and hunters as they can get closer to what they may be working on.


14 x 30 inches
4.5 pounds

Suggested Weight
(Packed to Powdered Snow)
125-250 lbs

$258.00 US or CDN

Shipping and Standard Bindings Included!


16 x 30 inches
4.95 pounds

Suggested Weight
(Powdered to Packed Snow)
175-350 lbs

$259.00 US or CDN – SORRY SOLD OUT

Shipping and Standard Bindings Included!

Standard Bindings (Included with your snowshoes) – Heavy Duty Bindings Upgrade ($30)Telescopic Pole Upgrade ($39)

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